Best Portable USB-Powered Monitors

Once you upgrade your desktop to two or more monitors, it’s tough to go back to one—but lugging them along with your laptop is less than practical. Enter the USB-powered portable monitor, a second monitor you can easily take with you. These productivity-boosting portables ...Read More

Best USB-C Monitors for PC

USB-C is becoming more and more popular in newer PCs; it’s backed up by super-fast data transfer in the form of USB 3.1 or Thunderbolt 3. Through the one single cable and connector, you can power an external display, hook up to USB peripherals, ...Read More

Best portable monitor

With the rise of remote working, portable monitors have never been more important.With many companies forced to transition to remote working as a result of coronavirus lockdown measures, many are seeking ways to make employees’ lives easier.Here, we feature the best in portable monitors ...Read More

best laptops under $1,000

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Best Laptops Under $800

It is a complete myth that you can’t expect a $800 laptop to run graphic-intensive games/software. To be honest, majority of the machines in this price range are capable of running a lot of resource intensive tasks. Also, $800 isn’t too high or too ...Read More


What Is A Netbook? The term netbook doesn’t have a precise definition. Typically, it refers to a computer that is smaller, lighter and less expensive than a typical laptop.​Not all netbooks have all these characteristics. For example, a computer may be very portable and ...Read More