Best Waterproof Laptop Backpacks

Are you tired of having to run for cover whenever you get caught in the rain, because you have several thousand worth of dollars of tech in your backpack? You know, it doesn’t have to be like that – the best waterproof laptop backpack can easily solve all your problems.

We looked at all the options on the market, and chose the ten best waterproof laptop backpacks money can buy. And you should know right away that there are no budget-friendly or insanely affordable options – we wanted to give you only the absolute best backpacks. Those that will protect your expensive devices even in extremely heavy downpours.

If that’s what you’re also looking for, then great – you’re definitely in the right place! And if you want a quick and cheap solution, go check out our post on normal laptop backpacks – most of them are water resistant, but they’re not as good as the ones I’m about to show you!

The Best Waterproof Laptop Backpacks

1 :Pelican Mobile Protect Backpack

Pelican Mobile Protect Backpack


Dimensions: ​​​​​​​​14.9” x 7.8” x 24.4”
Weight: 2.43 lbs
Material: 1000D nylon

The Pelican backpack is a great versatile option. Its exterior is made from 1000D nylon with water resistant coating, which is a great tear and abrasion resistant material. The pack also features sturdy YKK zippers that are coated with Polyurethane so that water can’t seep through them.

The overall water resistance of this laptop backpack is really good; it might not hold up in extremely heavy rain, but it will protect your gear during normal rainy days. And we recommend you use a rain cover in heavy downpours anyway.

There’s thick padding in the backpanel, so the pack feels soft and comfortable against your back. But the ventilation is not the best; the foam ridges are spaced out so that the air can circulate, but there’s a lack of breathable mesh on the backpanel.

There’s also a waist strap on the backpack, but I’m not 100% sure what it’s supposed to be. It’s positioned too low to be a proper sternum strap, and it’s too high to be a hipbelt. It might fit a little awkwardly, but at least you can remove it if you can’t get it to fit you properly.

The Pelican backpack has a spacious main compartment with internal pockets for organization, and a dedicated laptop and tablet compartment that can fit devices up to 17”. It most likely won’t fit oversized gaming laptops though, so keep that in mind.

This pack also features a vertical quick access pocket for items you want to have handy, as well as a side water bottle pocket. One unique feature I really like about this bag is lock and loop zipper closure. It keeps your tech extra safe, and prevents anyone from tampering with your bag.

This is one of the lighter waterproof laptop backpacks, with a total weight under 2.5 lbs. But it’s also one the pricier packs, so it’s definitely not for those that are looking for an affordable solution.

    • Water resistant coating on zippers and material
    • Laptop sleeve fits devices up to 17”
    • Multiple internal pockets for easy organization
    • Position of sternum strap is not ideal
    • Pricey
    • No breathable mesh on backpanel

2 :Timbuk2 Especial Medio Backpack

Timbuk2 Especial Medio Backpack


Dimensions: ​​​​​​​​​20.9” x 13.4” x 8.66”
Weight: 3.1 lbs
Material: 500D Ripstop cordura nylon

The Medio is a cycling laptop backpack, so perfect for all of you who are always riding their bike places. In addition to the water resistant exterior, the pack also features reflective inserts, for improved visibility during the night.

Its exterior might not be a entirely waterproof, but its interior is – the internal drop liner keeps water away from the main compartment, and ensures that your gear stays dry. So, even if the outside of the bag gets a little damp, the interior won’t. But, even Timbuk2 recommends you use a rain cover in really heavy downpour, if you want keep your gear 100% dry.

The laptop sleeve is located inside the main compartment, and it can fit a 15” MacBook Pro. Which means that it probably won’t fit bulkier Windows laptops, so keep that in mind.

This pack has a spacious main compartment with the padded laptop sleeve and a slip pockets, and a lot of smaller external pockets for your other gear. There are side water bottle pockets, a scratch-free top pocket and a larger zippered pocket on the front panel. The pack also features an external compartment for your helmet, but there are some issues with it.

The main thing I don’t like is that the helmet compartment doesn’t have a cover. So, if you get caught in heavy rain, water will collect inside. And that’s not really ideally if there’s only a layer of fabric separating the puddle of water from your expensive computer.

But the thing I love the most about this pack is that it has expandable capacity, a feature that is always handy to have. Another thing that’s actually great for cyclists is the LED light attachment point at the bottom of the bag, which helps you stay visible in the (foggy) evenings.

An obvious downside of this laptop backpack is the price. Timbuk2 bags are never cheap, and the Medio is actually one of the priciest packs in their range. But if you’re a cyclist with an expensive computer, this is worth every penny.

      • Front panel expands
      • Padded and ventilated backpanel
      • Waterproof lining
    • Pricey and heavy
    • Water collects in the front pouch
    • Does not fit devices larger than a 15” MacBook Pro

3 :Lenovo Legion Armored 17 inch Gaming Backpack

Lenovo Legion Armored 17 inch Gaming Backpack


Dimensions: ​​​​​​​​​14.17″ x 7.09″ x 19.88”
Weight: 3.02 lbs
Material: Polyester and PU with weatherproof vinyl exoskeleton

If you want to be a 100% certain that your tech will stay dry even in heavy downpour, this is the backpack for you. A gaming laptop in fact! It’s made by Lenovo, and it’s designed to fit bulky gaming laptops, so even 17” devices can fit inside the dedicated laptop compartment.

This laptop backpack is made from polyester and PU, with a weatherproof vinyl exoskeleton. Which means that the bag will keep everything inside it dry regardless of the weather outside. Plus, the bag features an inch of thick foam on the bottom, for great impact resistance.

The Legion pack features a ventilated backpanel with thick padding, for ultimate carrying comfort. It has a sternum strap that ensures the shoulder straps stay in place, and which makes it feel a little lighter on your back. Which is actually a necessary feature, considering that this pack weighs more than 3 lbs when entirely empty.

It’s a heavy bag, but you’re getting excellent protection for your gear. The pack has a total of three compartments – a dedicated laptop compartment which will fit even oversized 17” devices, a spacious main compartment with many smaller pockets, and a front compartment with an organizer panel. The laptop compartment even features a smaller tablet sleeve, with thick padding on all sides.

With so many smaller pockets inside the compartments, organizing all your tech accessories will be very simple. And there’s also a hidden pocket on the backpanel – perfect for your phone and wallet, and any other items you want to keep extra safe.

The great thing about this pack is that it’s not too expensive. It costs about $70, because it’s a pretty old model. Which is a great price point for such a heavy-duty pack.

    • Fits bulky, oversized 17” laptops
    • A total of 16 pockets for easy organization
    • Padded and ventilated backpanel
    • A heavy backpack
    • Does not have a hipbelt
    • Not very versatile

4 :Markryden Waterproof Business laptop Backpack

Markryden Waterproof Business laptop Backpack


Dimensions: ​​​​​​​​​12.6” x 6.3” x 19.7”
Weight: No information
Material: Waterproof PU

The Markryden backpack is made from new generation waterproof PU, with waterproof coating on the zippers. It has excellent water resistance, and it’s one of the few backpacks that can handle even really heavy downpours.

Its backpanel is covered with breathable mesh, for great ventilation. And there’s plenty of thick padding between your back and the interior of the bag, so you will always stay comfortable when you’re wearing the backpack. The harness is equipped with the padding and mesh as well, while the convenient sternum strap features a compass and a whistle.However, the location of the sternum strap is not that great – it hangs a little low, so it’s going to take some adjusting to get it to fit you just right.

This laptop backpack features a spacious main compartment with a padded laptop sleeve that can fit devices up to 17.3”, and an extra front compartment. Both compartments have several internal pockets (zippered and slip) for easy organization of all your tech accessories. However, the backpack is rather slim, so it won’t work for anything other than laptop, tech gear and maybe notebooks.

This laptop backpack has two hidden pockets; one is integrated in the backpanel, and the other is inside a shoulder strap. They’re great for your phone and wallet – items you want to keep extra secure in case someone tries to rob you.

There’s also a luggage strap in the back, in case you decide to use this is a carry on. Which you absolutely can do – it’s small enough to be considered a carry on bag, but spacious enough to hold all the items you want to have easily accessible during the flight.

And the best thing about this backpack is its price – it’s around $50, which makes it one of the most affordable laptop backpacks we managed to find. If you’re not willing to spend a lot of money on a pack, definitely consider getting this one!

    • Attractive price point
    • Padded and ventilated backpanel
    • Laptop sleeve fits 17.3” devices
    • Sternum strap is quite low
    • Not very spacious

5 :Lowepro HighLine BP 400 AW – Weatherproof Daypack

Lowepro HighLine BP 400 AW - Weatherproof Daypack


Dimensions: ​​​​​​​​​12.91” x 8.27” x 20.98”
Weight: 3.74 lbs
Material: Durable waterproof material (type not specified)

If you’re looking for a waterproof travel backpack, this is a really good option. And mostly because its main compartment opens up suitcase style, with tie-down straps inside. It can fit enough clothes for shorter trips, with multiple other compartments and pockets for all the smaller items you want to keep organized.

Like your laptop – there’s a dedicated laptop compartment in the back, which can fit devices up to 15”. It’s not a TSA friendly compartment, but it is separate from the main packing compartment, and it only takes a couple of seconds to take out your laptop at TSA checkpoints.

This waterproof backpack actually comes with a packing cube and a transparent pouch for liquids, making it one of the most convenient carry ons you can buy. It also comes with an all weather rain cover that will keep your belongings dry in heavy downpours, which the water-repellant exterior might not be able to do on its own.

Additionally, this pack is equipped with compression straps, external pockets and a front compartment with internal pockets and a removable organizer panel. And it features waterproof YKK zippers, which will do a great job at keeping everything inside dry in the rain.

The backpanel features thick padding and is covered with breathable mesh for ventilation. There’s a sternum strap that ensures the shoulder straps stay put while you’re moving around, and there’s even a hip belt that will help you stay comfortable after you’ve worn this for several hours.

The Lowepro travel backpack is not good just for travel; it’s actually one of the most versatile backpacks out of the bunch. With a durable exterior, multiple daisy chains and a comfortable backpanel, this is one of the few backpacks that’s actually suitable for off-road adventures. It’s a good option for light hikes, especially for people who are just getting into it.

It is a little pricey, but you’re getting amazing value for money. Not just because it’s a sturdy and durable backpack, but because you also get a lot of accessories with it.

    • Extremely versatile
    • Equipped with a hip belt and a sternum strap
    • Rain cover included
    • Laptop compartment is not TSA friendly
    • Not recommended in heavy rain without the AW rain cover

6 :Johnny Urban Alec Waterproof Laptop Backpack

Johnny Urban Alec Waterproof Laptop Backpack


Dimensions: ​19.7” x 12.2” x 4.7”
Weight: 2.16 lbs
Material: PVC Tarpaulin

Looking for a simple and stylish waterproof laptop backpack for everyday commute? The Alec by Johnny Urban is a good option – it’s made from waterproof materials, and features roll top closure that ensures no water can get inside the main compartment of the bag.

It is made from PVC tarpaulin, one of the best and most waterproof materials you can find. If you properly close the top of the bag, there’s no chance your gear inside will get wet.

The backpanel doesn’t really exist; there are foam ridges that are sewn into the back of the backpack, and which are covered with breathable mesh. Which is better than no foam ridges at all, but nowhere near as comfortable as a pack with a proper backpanel. Especially since the shoulder straps are very thin, and have very little foam padding.

Additionally, this laptop backpack does not any have external zippers, meaning that there are no tiny holes through which the water can seep inside the bag. That’s great if all you’re looking for is amazing water resistance.

However, the lack of external zippers also means no other compartments or pockets on this bag whatsoever. There’s only the main compartment – there aren’t even any internal pockets in this backpack, which will probably be off-putting for many of you.

There is, however, a removable laptop compartment. It is padded all around, and it has two sleeves – one for your laptop (up to 15.6”) and one for a tablet, as well a stretchy band on the side for a water bottle. So, some organization is possible with this laptop backpack.

If your one and only priority is a waterproof material, this is the laptop backpack for you. PVC tarpaulin is used for tents, truck covers and even to shield stages from rain during concerts. It will keep the items inside it dry. But the thing is, you can’t fit too many items in the 18-liter capacity of this bag. So, only go for the Alec waterproof laptop backpack if you’re 100% sure you’re fine with its small capacity and lack of other pockets and compartments.

    • Weatherproof exterior
    • Removable laptop compartment
    • Foam ridges on the back
    • Shoulder straps are very thin
    • Only one compartment with no pockets whatsoever
    • Small capacity

7 :KORIN Design FlexPack Pro

KORIN Design FlexPack Pro


Dimensions: ​​​​​​​​​13.4” x 7” x 18.5”
Weight: 3.64 lbs
Material: Water resistant fabric and synthetic leather

Here’s an interesting and unique option. The Korin waterproof backpack is a great option for people who are willing to try something different. It’s actually an anti-theft backpack, with an abundance of great, useful features.

This pack is made from waterproof materials, with foam padding all around the backpack, for great impact resistance. The bottom of the bag is actually made from synthetic leather, so it’s not only waterproof and durable, but also pretty sleek and stylish. And that’s the least important thing about this backpack.

The spacious main compartment features partial opening. Inside it, you’ll find a padded laptop sleeve, small zippered and slip pockets, and a dedicated power bank compartment that lets you charge your phone on the go.

The outside of the pack features the exit point of the power bank, as well as a hidden zippered pocket on the side. Which is actually insulated on the inside – perfect for keeping a thermos full of coffee hot for several hours, even in freezing cold weather. And there’s more.

The FlexPack Pro has padding and breathable mesh on the backpanel and shoulder straps. There’s also a sternum strap here, which will ensure those should straps stay in place, and don’t budge an inch while you’re wearing the backpack.

And don’t forget this is an anti-theft backpack – there are several features just for improved safety of your belongings. There’s a TSA friendly lock that lets you completely lock the main compartment, making this a great option for travel.

    • TSA friendly lock
    • Spacious main compartment
    • Multiple pockets for easy organization
    • Quite pricey
    • Does not fit laptops larger than 15.6”

8 :Targus Sol-Lite Laptop Backpack

Targus Sol-Lite Laptop Backpack


Dimensions: ​​​​​​​​​10.4” x 7” x 18”
Weight: 1.7 lbs
Material: Water resistant polyester

The Targus backpack is another great versatile option. It works both as an everyday backpack and a travel bag, thanks to all the convenient features.It is made from weather resistant materials, with a top flap that goes over the zipper of the main compartment. This ensures that water can’t get inside through the zippers, and that your belongings will stay dry if you get caught in the rain. However, the backpack is not 100% waterproof, and I do not recommend wearing it in heavy downpours.

The main compartment is very spacious, with a padded laptop sleeve (fits devices up to 15.6”), a tablet sleeve, and multiple smaller pockets for easy organization. And there’s plenty of space for any other items, such as a change of clothes, a camera, or notebooks. There are also three external pockets on the top, side and back of the bag.

The compression straps let you tighten up the bag when it’s not entirely full – great for preventing items inside from moving around when there’s lots of extra space.The backpanel is covered with breathable mesh, and features thick padding for your carrying comfort. And the same goes for the comfortable shoulder straps, which you can secure into place with a sternum strap.

As a travel backpack, this has a few super convenient features. There’s the luggage strap in the back, which lets you mount it on top of a suitcase, so that it’s super easy to move around with multiple bags. And there’s also the grab handle on the front panel that lets you carry it like a duffel bag, and which makes it super easy to pick up the Sol-Lite and place it in the overhead bins on airplanes.

Plus, there’s also a retractable steel wire coil, which lets you secure the backpack to any fixture, so you don’t always have to have your eyes on it. Also, the YKK zippers are explosion proof, and aren’t easily opened with a ballpoint pen.

    • Versatile backpack
    • Spacious main compartment
    • Padded and ventilated backpanel
    • Not 100% waterproof
    • Only one compartment

9 :The Friendly Swede Waterproof Laptop Backpack

The Friendly Swede Waterproof Laptop Backpack


Dimensions: ​​​​​​​​​11.4” x 5.1” x 19”
Weight: 1.5 lbs
Material: 500D PVC Tarpaulin

The Friendly Swede backpack is probably one of the most waterproof options out of the bunch. It is made from 500D PVC Tarpaulin – the material that’s used to shield large outdoor spaces from rain, as well as for truck covers and tents. Which means that this backpack is one of the few you could actually bring on a boat, and not have to worry about your items inside getting wet.

So, a little bit of rain is absolutely nothing for The Friendly Swede backpack. It will keep your gear dry even in heavy downpours, which is pretty amazing.But there’s one glaring downside of the bag – it can’t fit laptops that are larger than 13”. So, if you’re used to working on a bigger device, this is definitely not the right bag for you. But if your laptop is a 13” or smaller, then this is easily one of the best backpacks you could buy.

Especially since it features multiple internal and external pockets, which allow you to organize all your smaller belongings.It features roll top closure, which is first secured with a waterproof zipper, and then an external buckle. Which is actually super safe – since there are so many steps to opening the main compartment of this backpack, it’s highly unlikely that someone could successfully rob you without you noticing.

Another great feature of this laptop backpack is the comfortable harness. There are both breathable mesh and thick padding on the shoulder straps, but not on the backpanel. Which makes sense – even the back of this bag is covered with PVC Tarpaulin, for full waterproofing all around.

    • Fully waterproof all around
    • Internal and external pockets for easy organization
    • Shoulder straps are padded and ventilated
    • Not the most comfortable backpack to wear
    • Does not fit devices larger than 13”

10 :BOPAI 34L Business Travel Waterproof Laptop Backpack

BOPAI 34L Business Travel Waterproof Laptop Backpack


Dimensions: ​​​​​​​​​17.3” x 13.8” x 8.9”
Weight: 2.86 lbs
Material: Microfiber leather and ballistic nylon

The Bopai backpack is a great option for business travellers. It is a very functional backpack with multiple compartments for easy organization, and a very sleek exterior. The pack is made from waterproof microfiber leather and ballistic nylon, but it does not have any extra coating on the zippers. Meaning that water could potentially seep in through the zippers, especially in really heavy rain.

This bag features really thick padding in the backpanel, with spaced out foam ridges that allow for airflow. Which helps keep you cool and dry during hot weather – useful since there’s no breathable mesh on the backpanel.

The Bopai business laptop backpack has two large compartments. The main compartment has six internal pockets for easy organization, and you could easily fit a change of clothes inside. There’s also the TSA friendly laptop compartment in the back, which can fit devices up to 15.6”, and which also has a tablet sleeve and a couple of smaller slip pockets.

If you’re looking to get a versatile backpack, I highly recommend the Lowepro HighLine. You can use it for travel, daily commute, and even hiking and trekking – with an abundance of features, this pack fits in anywhere. It is made from waterproof materials and it comes with a rain cover, among other things. This pack is actually great value for money, because you will also get a packing cube, a transparent pouch and a tech organizer.

    • TSA friendly laptop compartment
    • Multiple external and internal pockets
    • Thick padding in the backpanel
    • Zippers not waterproof
    • No breathable mesh on the backpanel

The best backpack for laptops, which just so happens to be waterproof, is the Lenovo Legion pack. It can fit even the bulkiest gaming laptops in the dedicated compartment, and an abundance of your other gear in the remaining two compartments. Its backpanel is heavily padded and ventilated, with a hidden pocket for your most valuable belongings.

And those would be the top three waterproof laptop backpacks we recommend. But you’re fine getting any one of the ten I showed you – they truly are the best waterproof backpacks money can buy.

Head over to Amazon to see their prices, and check out our related posts if you’re interested in more awesome laptop backpacks!

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