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Best Ultrabooks

The best Ultrabooks are the ultimate combination of style and substance, which makes them the go-to for many creatives and professionals. They’re lightweight and perfect for on-the-go productivity work while still delivering great performance and battery life. And, all this coming in a package ...Read More

best Alienware laptops

Alienware and gaming have gone hand-in-hand since the company’s launch in 1996. The alien theme and the high-powered devices have long been some of the most iconic on the market. Alienware has refined its lineup of gaming laptops since 2009 and currently offers just ...Read More

Best Dell and Alienware Laptops

From Chromebooks to mainstream to gaming and even rugged laptops, Dell does it all. And after reviewing loads of notebooks this year we compiled a list of the best Dell and Alienware laptops. We’ve done the legwork of going through Dell’s varied lineup of ...Read More

Best Small Laptops

You’re incredibly busy, so only the best small laptops will do. Whether you are running from home to the office, or from school to work, only to get off work and pull late nights studying, you need a laptop that is as portable, powerful ...Read More

Best rugged laptops

Welcome to our list of the best rugged laptops, covering the top laptops for working in busy, dangerous and extreme conditions.Every rugged laptop on this list has been built to last, and can withstand drops, knocks, water, dust and extreme temperatures. So, while these ...Read More

Best 2-in-1 convertible laptop

Whether you want something that’s more tablet than laptop or more laptop than tablet, there’s one here to meet your needs and budget.Two-in-ones — also known as convertible laptops — not only continue to grow in popularity but are getting less expensive, making them ...Read More